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MBBS in Philippines

Philippines offer one of the finest education systems in Asian Continent. Study in Philippines is one of the best options for international students to pursue education completely in English, at a relatively low cost and high quality. Philippines was an American colony for nearly 50 years thus English language has become the official language in Philippines. All most all Universities in Philippines offer medical education in English medium. Universities in Philippines follow the US system of education. Philippines is the 3rd largest English language speaking nation in the world. Study in Philippines offers comprehensive education and a multicultural study environment for international students. Philippines has the highest literacy rate of over 94%. Universities in Philippines are world renowned and offers globally recognized medical education. Study in Philippines not just offer quality education, Colleges in Philippines provide lot of recreation facilities to international students. International students tend to enjoy their stay in Philippines during their education period. Study in Philippines is one of the most affordable in the world compared with other countries offering quality medical education. Living expenditure in Philippines is also very reasonable for students. An International student can manage with around Rs.8,000-10,000 towards his living expenses if they are leading a normal life style. Advantages of Study in Philippines

  • Advance academic curriculum
  • Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking nation in the world.
  • Philippines has Asia's Highest literacy rate of over 94%
  • Universities in Philippines offer medical education at a very low fees
  • Living expenses are very Economical
  • Medical education offered by Colleges in Philippines is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Universities in Philippines prepare you for the MCI Screening test
  • Colleges in Philippines also prepare you for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)
  • Universities in Philippines are equipped with the well established infrastructure
  • Excellent boarding and lodging provided by the universities
  • Global exposure
  • Geographically Philippines is located in the heart of Asia
  • Study in Philippines is the career gateway to other developed countries like USA, Canada etc.
  • Study medicine in Philippines follows the American educational system thus students will have the option of transferring their credit to an American institution to continue study medicine in USA.
  • MBBS Abroad aspirants go to pursue medical studies in Philippines because it is easy to go to United States from this country.
  • Affordable living and accommodation expenses. Living expenses are very much comparable to that of India.
  • Modern teaching techniques and superior quality medical education with world class amenities.
  • Globally recognized Medical colleges which are listed in World Health Organization (WHO),
  • Medium of instruction in completely in English.
  • Majority of Filipinos can speak fluent English, and Indian students feel that they are at home in Philippines. There is no need to learn a local language.
  • MBBS in Philippines follows the US education system thus students will have the credit transfer options to continue study medicine in America.
  • 1 out of every 10 doctors practicing in America are medical graduates who pursued study medicine in Philippines.
  • Philippines exports maximum number of nurses in the world to many other countries.
  • MBBS in Philippines comes with a great cultural diversity in the college campus
  • MBBS in Philippines prepares you for the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination).
  • Thousands of Indian students are already pursuing study medicine in Philippines.

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